Why Winter Sucks

In Manitoba Canada, winter is rough. It’s not just a bit of snow and a little cold. It’s -40 temperatures and blizzards that create white outs that can last days. Living in the country doesn’t make winter better. Highways are usually ice covered and in some places completely covered in snow, not exactly good driving conditions.

This winter I have driven in a terrible snow storm where there was only 3 feet visibility infront of the car. I have also used my car as a snow plow, trying to clear the massive drift that accumulates at the end of my road. But finally the cold is what finally made my car stop working. Parked outside for a day if refused to start and even didn’t want to start when getting a boost. For now I am avoiding driving.

I think I have had enough of winter. I have been sleeping with 5 blankets on my bed. I have also had enough of dry skin, staticky hair, and always feeling cold.

If the weather would stay -15 with sunny skys and no storms I think I would be able to enjoy winter. It’s not all bad. If it wasn’t for the freezing weather I wouldn’t be able to enjoy the river trail at the forks, here is a great video showing the trail.


Winnipeg River Trail

Under a bridge on the river trail


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