Why Winter Sucks

In Manitoba Canada, winter is rough. It’s not just a bit of snow and a little cold. It’s -40 temperatures and blizzards that create white outs that can last days. Living in the country doesn’t make winter better. Highways are usually ice covered and in some places completely covered in snow, not exactly good driving conditions.

This winter I have driven in a terrible snow storm where there was only 3 feet visibility infront of the car. I have also used my car as a snow plow, trying to clear the massive drift that accumulates at the end of my road. But finally the cold is what finally made my car stop working. Parked outside for a day if refused to start and even didn’t want to start when getting a boost. For now I am avoiding driving.

I think I have had enough of winter. I have been sleeping with 5 blankets on my bed. I have also had enough of dry skin, staticky hair, and always feeling cold.

If the weather would stay -15 with sunny skys and no storms I think I would be able to enjoy winter. It’s not all bad. If it wasn’t for the freezing weather I wouldn’t be able to enjoy the river trail at the forks, here is a great video showing the trail.


Winnipeg River Trail

Under a bridge on the river trail


Social Media Policy

My puppy

Mike at 6 months old

I’m a very quiet person, unless I’m talking about my pets. I could probably go on for days explaining all their little quirks and how they are the best animals in the world but that would probably be very boring. When it comes to social media I find that I usually don’t have much to say about anything. I try not to post anything that is inappropriate because everything that goes on the internet is there for good and you never know who is going to see it in the end.

I use Facebook, twitter, Linkedin and Pinterest, but I find that I don’t really post very often. I generally just use social media to stay in contact with people I’m friends with or work with. I don’t usually follow people who post about everything, if I’m checking twitter and there are 20 tweets in a row from one person I find it very annoying. If someone tries to connect with me I don’t really feel obligated to follow or subscribe to them back. I need to trust the people I follow, I expect them to keep any of my information to themselves.

I try not to share information that is really personal. I mostly just share my opinion on things that are happening in the moment. But like I said I hardly post anything at all, I usually start writing a post and then look at it and delete it right away. But being aware of what your putting online is important and creating your own social media policy is important. This is a great link to check out and get a good idea what your own social media policy is.


Winnipeg Museum Blog Review

In this post I’m going to be reviewing two blogs that are about museums in Winnipeg. The first one is a blog about the Children’s Museum and the second one is a blog about the WAG.

M’s Blog

Children's Museum of Manitoba blog

Blog about the Children’s Museum of Manitoba

I think this blog is really clean. There is a good use of color and everything is easy to read. But other than that it’s a little boring. They dont include images, other than the logo for M’s blog. The page also isn’t set up in multiple sizes so it wouldn’t look as good if read on an ipad. Compared to the museums website it’s really plain, but they get the necessary information across, I feel like they could have accomplished the same thing with a facebook page or twitter.

Winnipeg Art Gallery Blog

WAG Blog

Blog about the Winnipeg Art Gallery

I think I like the Winnipeg Art Gallery blog a lot better than the M’s blog. There is more content on this blog, they include images. This blog is still very basic, it is easy to navigate. I don’t like how the words italicize when you roll over them, indicating that you can click on them. At first I liked it but then the more I was looking at the page it started to bother me, I think it just looks cheesy. This one would look better on an ipad, other than the top bar would get cut off a bit.

Over all I think I like the WAG blog better. I think the M’s blog looks nice but its just a little too plain for me.

Review of portfolio sites

This is a review of two portfolio sites.

Jessica Hische

Jessica Hische portfolio home page

Jessica Hische portfolio home page

I really like this portfolio site because it is nice and clean. Her images are interesting and make you want to click on them to find out more. I think the work is displayed well and the navigation is easy.

Greg Thompson

Greg Thompson portfolio home page

Greg Thompson portfolio home page

I like this site because I find the typography interesting. It goes to show that you can be a web designer and still be really good at typography. I like how he has included twitter and instagram on his page. There is also consistency through his pages.