Winnipeg Museum Blog Review

In this post I’m going to be reviewing two blogs that are about museums in Winnipeg. The first one is a blog about the Children’s Museum and the second one is a blog about the WAG.

M’s Blog

Children's Museum of Manitoba blog

Blog about the Children’s Museum of Manitoba

I think this blog is really clean. There is a good use of color and everything is easy to read. But other than that it’s a little boring. They dont include images, other than the logo for M’s blog. The page also isn’t set up in multiple sizes so it wouldn’t look as good if read on an ipad. Compared to the museums website it’s really plain, but they get the necessary information across, I feel like they could have accomplished the same thing with a facebook page or twitter.

Winnipeg Art Gallery Blog

WAG Blog

Blog about the Winnipeg Art Gallery

I think I like the Winnipeg Art Gallery blog a lot better than the M’s blog. There is more content on this blog, they include images. This blog is still very basic, it is easy to navigate. I don’t like how the words italicize when you roll over them, indicating that you can click on them. At first I liked it but then the more I was looking at the page it started to bother me, I think it just looks cheesy. This one would look better on an ipad, other than the top bar would get cut off a bit.

Over all I think I like the WAG blog better. I think the M’s blog looks nice but its just a little too plain for me.